What we do

Nurses and midwives work in every type of health setting, in widely dispersed geographical locations and in every kind of clinical practice area. With over 360,000 nurses and midwives in Australia, they are uniquely positioned to have a profound impact on the health and wellbeing of everyone they provide care to.

To support the wonderful work of nurses and midwives, the Rosemary Bryant Foundation was established to raise funds to improve health outcomes through nursing and midwifery research.

Our Vision

All Australians receive the best possible nursing and midwifery care.

Our Mission

Improving health outcomes for all Australians through nursing and midwifery research.

Our Values

The Foundation prides itself on embodying the values that reflect the nursing and midwifery profession including integrity, honesty, respect and compassion. The core values of the Foundation are:


We work to improve the access to contemporary, evidence-based midwifery and nursing care for all Australians by supporting the highest quality research projects that meet the Foundation’s objectives.


We strive for excellence in everything we do and aim to enhance the quality of midwifery and nursing research through the projects we choose to support.


We pride ourselves on our integrity and are committed to act in the best interests of the nursing and midwifery professions and the care they provide.


We embrace innovative approaches to achieving best practice midwifery and nursing care and the ongoing evolution of care.


We act in a credible manner with a constant focus on activities that will have a meaningful impact in enhancing nursing and midwifery practice and improving care and health outcomes.


We are accountable and transparent in all of our activities and can be trusted to meet all relevant regulatory and financial standards.