Our Research

For all Australians wanting the best possible nursing and midwifery care, the Rosemary Bryant Foundation funds high quality, translatable research that can be quickly adopted and embedded into practice.

The five core focus areas of Foundation’s research funding program are:


To measure the impact of existing nursing and midwifery clinical care practises.


To explore new directions in nursing and midwifery clinical care and care environments to improve health outcomes.


To extend the capacity and capabilities of nurses and midwives to build a resilient, sustainable and collaborative workforce.


To inform policy and system?level decision making regarding workforce composition, roles, support structures as well as recruitment, retention and renewal strategies.


To translate research into practise to improve health systems, clinical practice, policy development and the education and training of nurses and midwives.

A key criteria for all the research funded by the Foundation is that it can be embedded into nursing and midwifery practice which will have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the community.

By having a strong focus on research that can be quickly applied into practices, the Foundation aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our health care system.

While the Foundation has a focus on nursing and midwifery research, we will also be strategically placed to develop the strong national and international partnerships to maximise the impact of our research in health care settings locally and across the world.