The Foundation aims to strengthen the role of the nursing and midwifery profession across the health system through the development of a research-driven, evidence-based platform of healthcare.

To achieve this, the Foundation is developing a comprehensive research funding strategy. The strategy will focus on advancing the discipline of nursing and midwifery and informing best practice care.

In the interest of ensuring that all Australians receive the best possible nursing and midwifery care, the Rosemary Bryant Foundation funds high quality, translatable research that can be readily adopted and embedded into practice.

In 2019 (calendar year), the Rosemary Bryant Foundation is offering two rounds of funding with a pooled value of up to $150,000 for eligible nursing and midwifery researchers based in Australia.

The Rosemary Bryant Foundation currently offer three categories of grants:

  • Discovery Grant – Up to $50,000 funding available per grant.
  • Accelerator Grant – Up to $25,000 funding available per grant.
  • Seeding Grant – Up to $10,000 funding available per grant.

Key Dates

Grant Round  Grants Available Opening Date Closing Date

Notification Date


1 x Discovery Grant
1 x Accelerator Grant
2 x Seeding Grants

15 Feb 2019 29 March 2019 24 May 2019

1 x Accelerator Grant
3 x Seeding Grants

5 Aug 2019 4 Oct 2019 29 Nov 2019

How to apply

In August, we will provide the full application form and guidelines. You will also need to include.

  • A project budget.
  • A copy of the Lead Chief Investigator(s)'s and other key research team members’ Curriculum Vitae (maximum 5 pages).
  • A letter of support from project end-users or industry.

Grant Guidelines

Seeding Grant Guidelines       Accelerator Grant Guidelines

Grant Application Form

Application Form (Interactive PDF)        Application Form (Word)

Please submit your application by 4 October 2019 to

Further Information

Should you have any enquiries regarding the grants please contact:

Claire Dollard
Foundation Manager
Rosemary Bryant Foundation
08 8178 4201